Inkspot Cloud Platform for Portable, Scalable and Secure Cloud Computing


The Inkspot Cloud Platform is a portable cloud platform that can be deployed on both public (Amazon and Microsoft Azure) and private clouds. It offers a set of high-level services that reduce the cost of building scalable, secure cloud applications. These include data storage in files and databases, application execution, workflow enactment, fine-grained security and audit.

Inkspot Science offers cloud-based collaborative software, data and services. Developing innovative products and services requires collaboration between companies, customers and partners. Exploiting the underlying power of the Inkspot Cloud Platform, Inkspot Science provides a collaborative Software-as-a-Service application to meet these needs in a cost-effective way.

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Watch our new video about Inkspot, including how to create workflows and services in Inkspot and how to create applications which use Inkspot via the API

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